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Helicopter Photography

This colourful AH-64DN Apache with serial Q-17 is used by the Royal Netherlands Air Force for display purposes and shows "100 years of military aviation" titels. [Oirschotse Heide - The Netherlands - march 2013]

The United States Army 8nd Airbone Division performed a simulated attack on the Thompson Bridge to commemorate the 70th anniversary of operation Market Garden. This (86-24551) was one of the five participating UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters. [Grave - The Netherlands - september 2014]

The D-HOLY is a Bell 206L-4 Long Ranger operated by MHS Helicopter-Flugservice. [Samedan - Switzerland - february 2013]

Maybe one of the rarest helicopters based in Belgium is the N1023G, a 1953 build Hiller UH-12B. [Neerpelt - Belgium - february 2015]

This Airbus Helicopters EC.130T2 with registratie F-WWXF was on display at Helitech Amsterdam. [Amsterdam - The Netherlands - october 2014]

A lot of Italian helicopters are visiting the airport of Samedan. The I-MIAZ, a AS.350B3 of Elitellina, was one of them. [Samedan - Switzerland - february 2013]

Sud Avation Alouette III H-20 is on display in the Nationaal Militair Museum and is used in 18 rescue missions. [Soesterberg - The Netherlands - date to be added]

Bell 407 RA-01930 was photographed at the Helicopter Museum during a flight around the world. [Weston-Super-Mare - United Kingdom - april 2017]

The PH-PXB, an EC.135P2+of the Netherlands National Police, was the only flying visitor to PavCon 2015. [Seppe - The Netherlands - may 2015]

Noordzee Helicopters Vlaanderen is operating this Aerospatiale AS.365N3 Dauphin with serial OO-NHM for SAR and pilot duties. [Vlissingen - The Netherlands - july 2016]

Aerospatiale SA.341G Gazelle N901B was a suprising visitot at the Helicopter Museum. [Weston-Super-Mare - United Kingdom - april 2017]

Seen flying overhead Manhattan was this Bell 407 with serial N407NP of Northeast Rotors. [New York City - New York, United States - october 2016].

Great view of four US Army UH-60 Black Hawks short before landing in a field. [Grave - The Netherlands - september 2014]

This Mil Mi 2 was build in 1974 and has flown in Poland, Egypt, Nigeria and Iraq. It is now preserved in the Polish Aviation Museum [Krakow - Poland - june 2017]

The G-BKGD is a rare Westland WG.30-100 and is on display at the Helicopter Museum. [Weston-Super-Mare - United Kingdom - april 2017]

The HB-ZKB is an AS.350B3 operated by Swiss Helicopter. [Samedan - Switzerland - february 2013]

The D-HDRF, a BK117B-2 of DRF is based at the Dortmund airport. [Dortmund - Germany - may 2017]

The I-ESPO is a Agusta A109S Grand of Esperia. [Samedan - Switzerland - february 2013]

This Robinson R.44 Clipper II was seen at flugplatz Mont-Royal. [Mont-Royal - Germany - may 2018]

This Royal Netherlands Air Force CH-47D Chinook was seen dropping soldiers of the Luchtmobiele Brigade in the pooring rain. [Well - The Netherlands - november 2017]

The Belgian Federal Police flies the MD900 Explorer out of their base in Brussels. [Beauvechain - Belgium - april 2017]

PZL-Swidnik SM-1W SP-SAD is preserved in the Polish Aviation Museum. [Krakow - Poland - june 2017]

AS.350B3 Ecureuil HB-ZIS was used by Heli Bernina when this picture was taken. In june 2013 it went to Air Glaciers. This helicopter crashed in july 2015 at the Guggigletscher. [Samedan - Switzerland - februari 2013]

This CH-47D Chinook of the Royal Netherlands Air Force was photographed while doing some low flying exercises. [Oirschotse Heide - The Netherlands - march 2012]

This Agusta-Bell AB412 with serial EC-KUV is used as a search and rescue helicopter for the Gobierno de Canarias. [El Berriel - Gran Canaria, Spain - march 2015]

Italian Air Force HH.101A Ceasar during exercise APROC. [Blerick-Crayelse Heide - The Netherlands - may 2018]

A German helicopter based in Spain. The D-HAIC is a Robinson R.44 Clipper II of Aeroheli International. [El Berriel - Gran Canaria, Spain - march 2015]

Royal Netherlands Air Force AS.532U2 Cougar S-457 was one of the participants of exercise Phoenix Challenge. [De Peel - The Netherlands - october 2009]

Nightshot of the OO-LRL, a 1956 build Bell 47G-2 of Bussé Helicopters. [Neerpelt - Belgium - february 2015]

The I-ESPE is a Agusta A.109S Grand. [Samedan - Switzerland - february 2013]

This Mil Mi-8 Hip is the former presedential helicopter of Poland and is preserved in the Polish Aviation Museum. [Krakow - Poland - june 2017]

The I-LLBB is a 1990 Agusta A.109C of Elite Aviation. [Samedan - Switzerland - february 2013]

The PH-HVB is an EC.135T2+ with callsign Lifeliner 3. The helicopter was seen at the VieCuri Hospital. [Venlo - The Netherlands - april 2017]

Agusta Westland AW.189 OY-HMP from the Danish operator Bel Air was seen at Helitech Amsterdam. [Amsterdam - The Netherlands - october 2014]

The D-HHIT is an Eurocopter EC.135P-2 of ADAC Luftrettung. The helicopters callsign is Christoph 10. [Wittlich - Germany - may 2018]

Boston MedFlight is operating his Sikorsky S-76C. [Hanscom AFB - Massachusetts, United States - october 2016]

Sky Experience offers helicopter flights with this Bell 206B JetRanger III from a small heliport in Costa Adeje. [Costa Adeje - Tenerife, Spain - november 2017]

This NHI Industries NH-90 NFH of the Belgian Defence Force is enjoying a nice spring sunset. [Beauvechain - Belgium - april 2017]

This beautiful 1964 Bell 47J-2 Ranger is operated by Bussé Helicopters [Genk-Zwartberg - Belgium - july 2018]

This NH-90(NFH) of the French Navy was one of the particpants on the exercise APROC [Blerick-Crayelse Heide - The Netherlands - may 2018]

The Wiltshire Air Ambulance is one of the few European Bell 429 users. The G-WLTS has callsign Helimed22. [Devizes - United Kingdom - april 2017]

The Polizei Baden-Württemberg is flying this nice Airbus H145 (EC.145T-2). [Stuttgart-Echterdingen - Germany - april 2018]

This United States Coast Guard Sikorsky HH-52A Seaguard is preserved at ths USS Intrepid. [New York Harbour - New York, United States - october 2016]

This Marineflieger Westland WS-61 Sea King MK.48 is flown by MFG-5. [Beauvechain - Belgium - april 2017]